Make an Application

We welcome applications from all applicants of a suitable age and ability. This page outlines the key steps in the application process for September 2019 entry.

Please see the options at the bottom of this page for specific information by course.

Age Requirement

Undergraduate applicants to the RNCM should be 18 years of age by 31 December in the year of intended entry.

Required Standard

For guidance, undergraduate applicants are expected to be of at least Grade 8 standard in their Principal Study instrument, with at least Grade 5 knowledge of music theory. Visit the entrance requirements page for further details and specific requirements for each programme.

Key Dates 

18 July 2018 UCAS Conservatoires opens for 2019 entry applications.
1 October 2018 UCAS Conservatoires deadline for on-time applications for September 2019 entry. International applicants can apply all year round.

Deadline for submission of supporting documents via Acceptd for all applicants (except MMus Conducting applicants).

31 October 2018 Deadline for submission of supporting documents via Acceptd for MMus Conducting applicants.
31 October 2018 Applicants who have applied by the UCAS Conservatoires deadline will be notified of their audition date/time via UCAS Conservatoires Track.
1 November 2018 Acceptd deadline for submission of supporting documents.
19 November – 7 December 2018 Main auditions period.
Christmas 2018 On-time applicants will be informed of the outcome of their audition by this time.

How to Apply

Applications should be made via UCAS Conservatoires and supporting documents should be submitted via Acceptd.

Step 1 – UCAS Conservatoires

Applications for most RNCM programmes are made online via UCAS Conservatoires. Exceptions to this are the Professional and Vocational courses e.g. PGCE, Postgraduate Diploma International Artist, Research programmes, Junior Fellow in Conducting, RNCM/Hallé String Leadership Training Scheme.

The deadline for on-time UCAS Conservatoires applications for September 2019 entry will be 1 October 2018. We may still consider applications for 2018 entry for some programmes/instruments – please email to enquire about availability of places.

Your audition fee must be paid through UCAS Conservatoires in order for the RNCM to arrange an audition for you.

Enquiries regarding the UCAS Conservatoires system itself should be made directly to UCAS Conservatoires.

Access UCAS Conservatoires

Step 2 – Acceptd

Acceptd is a document management system which enables all your supporting documents to be held in one place. The RNCM will review your documents in conjunction with your UCAS Conservatoires application.

Simply register and set up an account on the Acceptd website, and submit all of your supporting documents as soon as you are able to. You can start it at any time but please ensure that you have completed this by 1 October 2018 (31 October 2018 for MMus Conducting applicants). Documents cannot be added after the Acceptd application is finalised.

All applicants are required to supply the following:

  • Name and email address of your chosen academic referee
  • Name and email address of your chosen practical referee
  • A scanned copy of current highest qualifications to date

Master of Music (MMus) Applicants

In addition to the above, MMus applicants should submit academic transcripts to date and an example of written work. Please click here for guidance.

Shortlisting Material Requirements for Conducting, Composition and GRNCM/MusB (‘Joint Course’) applicants

In addition, Conducting, Composition and GRNCM/MusB (‘Joint Course’) applicants are required to submit shortlisting material. Please click on the relevant links below for further information:

Composition requirement

Conducting requirements

GRNCM/MusB (‘Joint Course’) applicants

Acceptd submissions cannot be made unless all documentation is uploaded.

You should also submit any personal supporting documents via Acceptd.

Advice Auditions

Please note that for Advice Auditions, there is a separate link here where you can provide your supporting information.

Access Acceptd

Qualifications Not Yet Completed

We understand that many applicants will be in the process of completing the qualifications required for their programme (e.g. Bachelor’s degree). In such cases, we ask only that you upload your highest current qualifications to Acceptd. Once you have achieved your qualification, please submit a copy of your documents to A Level results released in August do not need to be submitted to admissions, as the RNCM will be automatically notified by UCAS Conservatoires.

Please note offers will only be made Guaranteed Unconditional (GU) once we receive copies of all the qualifications required. 

English Language Requirements for Non-Native Speakers

Students who do not speak English as a first language must submit IELTS certificates that meet the criteria for their course – please see the International Applications page for details.

Exceptions to this rule can occasionally be made, if for example students have studied a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in English, or hold an English A-level of suitable standard, which has been taught in English. Exceptions are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and should be discussed with Admissions via Exceptions will not be made unless confirmation is given by the Admissions department.