Conditions of Registration

By agreeing to these terms you confirm your consent for the College to use performances given within College-run solo performances or College-run ensembles (CDPA 180.1.a); additionally you agree to assign your performers property rights (CDPA 191A) to the College for all College-run ensembles (not including Chamber Music).

Where practicable, you will be identified individually as the performer unless you nominate to be identified collectively (a named non-College run ensemble) or by participating in a College-run ensemble, in which case only the group shall be identified (CDPA 205C.3).

You confirm your consent for the College to make audio-visual recordings of all performances given on College premises and the Bridgewater Hall (CDPA 182). Additionally, you confirm your consent for any such recordings to be broadcast or streamed to the public in all territories, either live or at a time as determined by the College, for both non-commercial and commercial purposes (CDPA 182CA). For all such recordings, you agree to transmit your right to equitable remuneration for exploitation of a sound recording to the College, as described by CDPA 182D.2. The sum of these terms shall be understood to mean a student shall retain no ownership rights to recordings of College-run ensembles made by or on behalf of the College, taking into account current and future legislation. You will retain your right to object to derogatory treatment for all performances, however you agree that reproductions that were acceptable to you at the time of production shall not be considered derogatory use at a later date.

Additionally to performances, the RNCM may wish to use photographs, video footage or audio recordings of a student taken during lectures, seminars, tutorials, performances or any other forms of learning taking place within the RNCM.

These images, footage or recordings may be made available or used internally and externally via numerous communication channels, including RNCM academic and events marketing material, press and social media outlets, the RNCM website, Moodle, and Intranet.

The images, footage and recordings taken are the property of the College and will be securely stored on the RNCM servers. Access to the files will be managed by RNCM Staff and business partners. The files will be stored securely in accordance with the RNCM’s retention schedule.

As part of the terms and conditions of registration, I agree and give consent to the Royal Northern College of Music to use my enrolment information, any audio and video records of me as outlined above.

For the avoidance of doubt, these terms do not affect the authorship rights of composers/songwriters while studying at the RNCM. No licence is conferred upon the RNCM for the usage of these works for performance, recording, rental, or distribution (making available).