Mayor of Greater Manchester supports Popular Music education

We were delighted to welcome Andy Burnham to a special event on Tuesday 12 December highlighting the importance of popular music education in Manchester.

Describing the city as ‘the music capital of the UK’, the Mayor of Greater Manchester spoke openly about the need to inspire and support future talent, and credited the RNCM for establishing a ‘unique and pioneering’ Popular Music Degree programme.

Referring to Greater Manchester’s rich musical history, Mr Burnham said: ‘There is a risk that you trade on past glories, constantly talking about the past rather than using it to inspire what comes next. As Mayor with a passion for music and in a city that lives and breathes it, it seems to me it’s my job to support what comes next, to bring on the next generation of Manchester music, which is why I wanted to be here tonight, to support the College in its work in putting on this unique and pioneering course.’

The RNCM launched the UK’s first ever four-year BMus (Hons) Degree in Popular Music in September 2015, which provides intensive training for instrumentalists and singers with a high level of performing ability who intend to work as freelance musicians, bands and artists in the popular music industry, or as a preparation for postgraduate study.

Last night’s event showcased the sounds of a recently established a cappella group, Northern Voices, as well as RNCM student bands signed to the independent record label, Northern Quarter Records.

Mr Burnham concluded: ‘I am in no doubt the talent is still there in Greater Manchester and across the North of England in the same way as it ever was there, but it probably needs more help now in finding its way through, finding its voice, and getting the recognition that it deserves, and that can’t be all down to X Factor, can it?

‘It’s great to be here to support everything the College is doing in this regard. As Mayor I will promote it in any way that I can, but let’s all make a New Year’s resolution that we’ll carry on building this UK capital of music into everything we want it to be.’

13 December 2017