RNCM New Music Education Appointments

The RNCM is pleased to announce the appointments of Dr John Habron and Robert Gardiner as Head of Music Education and Assistant Head of Music Education (PGCE) respectively.

John, who initially trained as a composer, has previously worked as a Senior Lecturer in Music at Coventry University, and specialises in Dalcroze (a practice where music is experience through movement, in educational, therapeutic and performing arts settings), music therapy (in particular people with dementia and their families) and the medical humanities (specifically the history of music therapy). He is also Senior Research Fellow at North-West University, South Africa, and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Manchester’s Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine during 2017. In his capacity as Head of Music Education, John will lead the development of the RNCM’s music education curriculum as well as teach and supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students, and undertake individual and collaborative research activity.


He said: ‘I am absolutely delighted to be taking up this new position at the RNCM. Music education is a vitally important resource for people of all ages and abilities, and I am excited about helping students and staff play an increasingly active role in developing the discipline in practical and reflective ways. As a practitioner-researcher, I look forward to strengthening the profile of pedagogical scholarship at the RNCM as a way to support teaching, learning and participation both inside and outside the College.’

Robert studied as an undergraduate at the RNCM, and completed a PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University and the RNCM and a master’s degree at Zurich University of the Arts. Whilst maintaining a career as a professional clarinettist, he has worked professionally as an education practitioner throughout the North West, covering all aspects of music education. In his capacity as Assistant Head of Music Education (PGCE) Robert will work as an RNCM Tutor and lead the PGCE Music with Specialist Instrument Teacher (McSIT), awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University.


He said: ‘I feel very privileged to be leading such a unique and inspirational PGCE programme that has enabled so many fabulous educators. I look forward to helping to develop the RNCM education project alongside John and feel sure there will be many interesting and exciting ventures to come.’

Both John and Robert will start their new positions in January 2017.

12 December 2016