Robert Gardiner

Assistant Head of Music Education


To lead and develop the PGCE program at the RNCM.

Working within the academic department on research into pedagogy and initial teacher training.

Develop collaborative educational projects within the RNCM and throughout the region.

Helping students throughout the RNCM to develop their educational experience and opportunites. 



Robert is a professional educator specialising in whole-class music pedagogies and integration of instrumental music into curricular music education. He studied for his Bachelor degree at the RNCM, completed his PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University and the RNCM, and then did his Master of Arts degree at Zurich University of the Arts.

He is a highly experienced educational practitioner, designing and implementing diverse music pedagogies in all sectors of primary, secondary and higher education. Another focus has been in staff development, working with schools to enable staff to become confident music leaders. Robert has also led and directed numerous youth ensembles and choirs. 

While working as a full-time educator, Robert has maintained a professional clarinet playing career. Particular interests include contemporary performance practice, regularly playing with the ACM Ensemble. Notable performances have included the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, and OHNO at Café Otto in London where he performed a world premier for Sensor Augmented Bass Clarinet (SABRe) entitled Strange Loop by Michael Cutting. 

Throughout his career, Robert has maintained interest in educational research including the nature of Musical Talent and nurturing Musical Creativity. Current research interests include Musical Affect and Impacts of Instrumental Pedagogies on Social Inclusion