Information for Parents

Releasing information to parents, relatives and third parties

Parents, other relatives and third parties may occasionally contact the RNCM to request personal data about students who are studying with us. This data may be related to issues such as academic progress, attendance, health and well-being or appeals/complaints. Students, as adults, have a legal right to privacy and protection of their personal information and are entitled to an expectation of confidentiality in this regard. The RNCM must comply with all applicable UK data protection laws, so in many instances may not be at liberty to disclose personal data relating to students even to parents other than in the most exceptional of circumstances where the student is deemed to be at high risk. Decisions on any disclosure of information will always be made on a case by case basis and will take into account the privacy of the student at all times.

Privacy rights of the student

UK Data Protection laws protect an individual’s rights to privacy with regards to their personal data. This means that the College cannot pass on information about its students unless it is permitted to do so under the Data Protection Act (2018). In the majority of scenarios, the College will not disclose personal data about its students to third parties unless the student has given fully-informed consent for the information to be released. This includes discussing any appeals or complaints a student may have lodged with the College.

For further information see the UK Data Protection Act (2018) on the Government’s website.

What can the College tell you?

In some instances, even confirming or denying that an individual is a student at the institution could infringe privacy and may, in extreme circumstances, put an individual in danger. Although the College understands that parents may have concerns about their son/daughter it cannot routinely disclose personal data unless there is prior is authorisation by the student to do so. In certain circumstances a student may give formal consent in writing for the College to contact their parents about a particular matter, and we encourage them to do so in matters relating to their personal health and well-being while studying at the institution.

We strongly encourage parents and relatives to speak to the student direct in the first instance to discuss any concerns they may have, and should they wish to progress discussions with the institution, to obtain the consent of the student to contact us