50 Windows of Creativity

The RNCM is proud to be part of an inspirational new project celebrating Manchester’s rich creative culture.

Created by the team behind the award-winning Bee in the City event, 50 Windows of Creativity will see a huge array of spectacular mosaics, installations, fine art, photography, craft, murals and more pop up in windows, venues, businesses and spaces across the city centre from Monday 26 October to Saturday 5 December 2020.

Supported by Manchester City Council and event partners Auto Trader and Dandara Living, the trail will raise money for the artists involved and The Lord Mayor of Manchester Charity Appeal Trust We Love MCR Charity.

The displays are in windows and spaces around Manchester city centre and can be enjoyed within social distancing regulations. Sumit Sarkar is the artist showcasing his work at the RNCM, on Oxford Road, which includes a series of sculptures created with a mix of cutting-edge digital technology and analogue techniques, taking inspiration from a variety of sources, including religious iconography, science fiction and graffiti.

All visitors are encouraged to maintain a safe distance, wear a face covering when appropriate and be respectful to others. To see which other venues and artists are involved, view the interactive map.

26 October 2020