Bassoonists celebrate life of William Waterhouse

In November 2018 RNCM bassoonists came together to create a film celebrating the life and contribution of William Waterhouse; outstanding musician, bassoonist, teacher, mentor, writer and collector.

‘Bill’ joined the Royal Manchester College of Music (RMCM) teaching staff in 1966, and continued to be a valued member of the college community right up until his sudden death in 2007. He inspired and influenced a great many colleagues, audiences and students across the globe, including the Italian soloist Stefano Canuti, who honours his legacy as the RNCM’s first William Waterhouse International Chair in Bassoon.

Grazie Bill was produced by Linda Begbie, alumna and former Junior Fellow in Bassoon, and features contributions by Stefano, Sergio Azzolini and Roberto Giaccaglia.

22 March 2019