Conductor Chloe Stars in Ford’s Promotional Video

RNCM postgraduate Chloe VanSoeterstede is the conductor featured in this video by Ford to promote its new Sony audio system.

The promotional shoot shows Chloe, who joined the RNCM this month, conducting an ensemble of 12 musicians in a performance of Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. To showcase the effect of the audio system, the music starts out of tune before Sony specialists step in to ensure a pitch perfect finish.

Ford’s promotional material states that ‘whether you’re looking to soundtrack your summer drive with all the details of a classical music symphony, listen to a powerful dance mix on the radio or rock out to your favourite bands from your own USB stick or phone, you can guarantee the very best sound quality with Sony’s premium sound system. Just like the rest of the car it’s been precisely tuned so that it’ll always sound perfect, regardless of what genre you choose to listen to.’

14 September 2015