Fantastic Start for Popular Music Masterclasses and Industry Seminars

Students from the RNCM’s Popular Music course have enjoyed masterclasses and industry seminars from exciting guests recently, getting the new academic year off to a flying start.

To date, the College has welcomed masterclasses from Jason Rebello (Sting, Jeff Beck, Chaka Khan), Robert ‘Sput’ Searight (Snarky Puppy, Eryicah Badu, Justin Timberlake) and Jon Shone (Musical Director of One Direction), together with music industry seminars from Under the Cover Events, The Musicians’ Union, and ACS Hearing Protection.

‘The programme here not only attracts the best students, but also international musicians at the very top of their profession,’ said Andy Stott, Head of Popular Music. ‘It’s great to see the value their experience and expertise brings to the RNCM, but moreover the impression they take away from working with our students. It’s this kind of endorsement of our student’s talent and work ethic that places the popular music programme at the RNCM at the forefront of popular music education.’

What the experts said:

Jason Rebello: ‘I was very impressed with the students at the RNCM. The atmosphere that has been created there is excellent and the attitude of the participants was spot on. It’s always a privilege to be around people who are serious about music and this was no exception.’

Jon Shone: ‘The RNCM is an amazing facility with excellent students, the best I’ve seen doing these talks. The staff and students are all on top of it, and it really is a breeding ground for the standard of young professionals we need coming in to the pop scene.’

Robert ‘Sput’ Searight: ‘These guys are among the most talented students I have had the pleasure to work with. The vibe at the RNCM is top class and there are some seriously good young musicians here – I look forward to working with them again in the future.’

What the students said:

Rebecca Lewis, first year: ‘I’ve been absolutely blown away by the people who have come in to give masterclasses. The sheer enthusiasm and expertise presented by both Jason and ‘Sput’ gave myself and my year a lot to think about. I know many of us were taken aback by how talented both musicians were, which gave us a great deal of motivation in our practice.’

Ollie Harding, final year: ‘I was thoroughly inspired after meeting with Jon Shone. He really helped me understand how the industry works, gave me an understanding of how the audition process works for the pop scene, and how to be prepared for those kinds of situations. I feel much more confident going into the industry after hearing his advice and personal experiences!’

10 November 2014