Online launch for newly published textbook aimed at aspiring music researchers

Professor Jane Ginsborg, RNCM Associate Director of Research, has co-authored a textbook aimed at musicians wishing to conduct research.

Published by Oxford University Press, Performing Music Research: Methods in Music Education, Psychology, and Performance Science was written by Professor Ginsborg in collaboration with Professor Aaron Williamon, Dr Rosie Perkins and Dr George Waddell from the Royal College of Music.

The first comprehensive guide of its kind, Performing Music Research brings together decades of experience to lead musicians through the process of designing, conducting, analysing, and communicating empirical music research. It’s accompanied by a comprehensive companion website that includes downloadable templates for key research documents, datasets with which to practise analysis, quizzes to test key knowledge and skills, and summary videos.

Professor Ginsborg said: ‘It was a huge privilege to work with my co-authors on this book. We are all extremely grateful to the generations of students who have already made an invaluable contribution to it – each of the chapters is based on our teaching of the various topics, and the students’ feedback, so we very much hope that it will be of use to future generations of students and early-career researchers.’

Performing Music Research has already received praise from international experts in music psychology and education:

‘The authors have provided a start-to-finish manual of how to conceive, execute, analyse, and report empirical research on musical behaviour. Drawing on their extensive experience as researchers and teachers in music higher education, they have provided a resource which will be a useful refresher to experienced researchers as well as a systematic guide for novices.’ Professor John Sloboda, Guildhall School of Music and Drama

‘[An] unparalleled teaching and learning resource that researchers in music education, music psychology, and performance science internationally and well into the future will all want to include in their library.’ Professor Gary E McPherson, University of Melbourne

‘An excellent guide for any student interested in the study of musical behaviors, attitudes, and practices.’ Professor Steven Morrison, Northwestern University

‘This book will no doubt become a central tool for training the next generation of music researchers.’ Dr Isabelle Cossette, Schulich School of Music, McGill University.

Online Book Launch

A first public online book launch will be held in collaboration with McGill University on Friday 12 March at 5pm (GMT). Visit the RCM Facebook page for more information.

A second launch, offering an opportunity to meet the authors, will be held by the RNCM in collaboration with the Northern Network for Empirical Music Research (NEMuR) on Thursday 25 March at 12 noon (GMT). Aaron Williamon, Jane Ginsborg, Rosie Perkins, and George Waddell will be joined by Linda Merrick (RNCM), Colin Lawson (RCM), Barbara Kelly (RNCM), John Sloboda (GSMD) and Eleanor Guénault, representing the students without whom the book would never have been written. Click here to attend.

For more information and to order your copy, visit


1 March 2021