Reaching new heights for charity

Undergraduate Lucy-Rose Graham is hoping to reach new heights in August, climbing Ben Nevis with her cello for charity.

The 22-year-old is completing the unusual challenge for Rape Crisis England and Wales; a charity that’s offered personal support over the past 12 months.

‘I’ve never climbed a mountain before, but I chose Ben Nevis because I wanted to really challenge myself as much as I could,’ she said. ‘The reason for taking my cello is that I have found that music is often able to say things when we are unable to express them in our own words – it can be a good release of emotions and something that you can immerse yourself in.’

At 1345m above sea level, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK. So, if she’s never climbed before, how’s the training going?

I’m currently training by going on walks with weights on my back,’ she explained. ‘I recently went to the Pentlands in Scotland where I was able to walk in the hills while carrying a heavy rucksack, as the cello isn’t the easiest thing to always take around with me!

‘When I get to the top I’d like to play pieces that have a personal meaning to me and that I feel victims of rape may be able to connect with. I haven’t finalised which pieces I’ll play yet, but they will be hopeful/reflective songs that I hope people will be able to relate to.’

Lucy wants to raise £2500 for the charity. You can pledge your support and read her full story here.

4 July 2018