Reed Room renovation

Thanks to the generosity of our Principal’s Circle, we have renovated our Reed Room, creating an enviable learning environment for double reed students.

With guidance from oboe tutor Stéphane Rancourt, the space has benefitted from a complete redecoration, with eight new workstations and draughtsman chairs being installed, alongside storage for equipment and instruments, and upgraded electrics (including individual task lighting).

Stéphane said: ‘The idea for a new Reed Room came about when I saw the original space and wondered how we could teach a big class of 10-12 oboists and bassoonists as there was only room for one or two musicians to work at the same time. ‘From here I had an initial chat with Nick Thompson, Head of Wind, Brass and Percussion, and then we got together with Dominic Wood and his team in the Operations Department to see what we could create.

‘The purpose-built space we now have is something our students can be really proud of. I don’t think there are many music colleges or establishments in the world that have a facility like this – it’s fantastic.’

28 February 2019