RNCM Repetiteur Joins Northern Ballet

Ewan Gilford, the RNCM’s Sir John Fisher Foundation Junior Fellow – Repetiteur, has been offered a full time repetiteur post with Northern Ballet.

Founded in 1969 and recently becoming a partner in the College’s Platform initiative, Northern Ballet is one of the best-loved dance companies in the world. In his role as Company Pianist, Ewan will now play for professional Northern Ballet classes and Northern Ballet Academy classes, as well as take piano rehearsals and perform on keyboards during tour performances.

He said: ‘The skills needed for ballet accompaniment are not far removed from that of an opera repetiteur. Orchestral piano playing is at the heart of both art forms, however, with the added requirement of improvisation and confident adaptation of many genres of music for class playing in ballet. In my time at Northern Ballet so far, I have found that the majority of skills required are those I gained directly from training as a repetiteur at the RNCM and equally, the skills I gain here will improve my abilities in opera as well.’

Kevin Thraves, Head of Music Staff (School of Vocal Studies and Opera) added: ‘I am delighted that Ewan has been offered a full time repetiteur post at Northern Ballet following his success at the RNCM as the School of Vocal and Opera Studies Sir John Fisher Foundation Junior Fellow –Repetiteur. Ewan now joins the list of RNCM repetiteurs based in many of the major opera and ballet companies throughout the UK including the National Opera Studio, Opera North and The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. We wish him all of the very best of luck in his future career.’


8 April 2015