Royal Schools support new Model Music Curriculum

The Royal Schools of Music (RNCM, RAM, RCM and RCS) have welcomed the Department for Education’s new Model Music Curriculum.

Announced today (Friday 26 March), the curriculum aims to create more opportunities for young people at Key Stages 1. 2 and 3 to engage in music through high quality lessons in schools.

A Joint Statement on behalf of the RSM says:

The future diversity and richness of the UK’s musical talent depends on the ability of all of us within the education system to inspire and nurture new generations of young musicians.

Publication today of the Department for Education’s new Model Music Curriculum is a vital step forward in creating these conditions and promoting the opportunities that young people need at the start of their musical journeys – and the support that their teachers will require to deliver this.

Along with our partner Royal Schools, the RNCM wholeheartedly welcomes the new curriculum and the role that we know it will play in securing pathways along which musicians from all backgrounds can progress.

26 March 2021