Sewing Spectacular

Last month, the RNCM Theatre temporarily became a gallery space to show an incredible piece of art by Linda Begbie, our multi-talented Senior Development Manager who also happens to be an alum and former Junior Fellow in Bassoon.

Rising Circle was four years in the making and contains over 10,000 tessellating hexagons each individually pieced and sewn together by hand.

Linda says: ‘I started out on this piece without really knowing where I was going with it. I’d hit a wall in terms of performing and knew I wanted to create my own original works. I had lost women close to me and what had been left behind – by my mother, grandmother, and female ancestors I never even knew – was their hand-stitching. In a kind of grief I wanted to pull them all together and create an art work  from this domestic technique, big enough to burst out of the home and fill a large performance space. I was surprised just how close to music-making it all felt. It seems fitting that she hung first in our theatre, and I’m curious to see where she goes next!’

4 October 2018