UK Visa Extension for International Students

In a new strategy announced by the Home Office today (11 September), international students completing a full undergraduate degree or above at a UK university will be offered a two-year visa after graduation.

The significant extension, which comes into force next year, means that overseas students now have longer than the current four-month allowance to start careers in the UK once they’ve completed their studies. There are no restrictions to the number of students eligible for the visa, nor on the types of employment they can seek.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: ‘It is a testament to our world-leading universities that so many students from abroad want to study here. The important contribution international students make to our country and universities is both cultural and economic. Their presence benefits Britain, which is why we’ve increased the period of time these students can remain in the UK after their studies.

‘Our universities thrive on being open global institutions. Introducing the graduate route ensures our prestigious higher education sector will continue to attract the best talent from around the world to global Britain.’

Please note: Full information about the new visa, due to come into effect in 2020, have not yet been published. As soon as this becomes available, we will contact current students and alumni. In the meantime, please click here for further details on the announcement.

11 September 2019