Helen Seddon-Gray

MusB (Hons) (Manchester), GRNCM, MusM (Hons) (Manchester), PhD (Manchester)

Email: [email protected]

  • Co-ordinate and teach on the Music and Beliefs elective
  • Preparation for Masters elective tutor, Term 2
  • Tutor on PRS4, LM1, Introduction to Musicology.
  • Essay Writing Lectues
  • Marking and Assessing

Helen has been an academic tutor at the RNCM for the past six years, having taught previously at Salford and Manchester Universities. She teaches on a number of courses, including the Preparation for Masters elective wtih Fabrice Fitch (term 2), Language of Music, Performance and Repertoire Studies 4, Introduction to Musicology as well as coordinating and teaching on the Music and Beliefs elective for the 15-16 academic year. Helen is currently working on a new elective for the 16-17 season, Music as an Expression of Community. 

As well as being an academic tutor, Helen is a composer, having previously gained a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester under the tutilage of John Casken. Works of hers include recently performed Elfin (performed at NMNW 2016), Timothy’s Tango for Bass Guitar, Summit of the Cloistered Mind (NMNW 2014), and Lullaby for Lila for percussoin duo (commissioned and toured by DYAD). Helen is also a horn teacher, having previously studied at the RNCM on the Joint Course with Manchester University and retains an interest in Eighteenth Century Hand Horn practice having performed on it as a student.



Current and Future Research

  • Work for solo horn
  • Work for solo cello
  • A book of studies for the horn.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Music and Beliefs elective
  • Preparation for Masters
  • PRS4
  • LM1
  • Introduction to Musicology
  • Essay Writing Lectures