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Director of Programmes


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Director of Programmes and Professor in Music Education. Strategic leadership for the academic portfolio, including responsibility for:

  • undergraduate, postgraduate taught and junior programmes of study;
  • learning, teaching and assessment including curriculum design and development;
  • access and participation;
  • academic staff development.

An internationally-renowned expert in music pedagogy, Professsor Jennie Henley has taught music in many contexts, worked in teacher education, designed innovative music education programmes and modules, including distance learning and continuing professional development, embedding this work across the curriculum. 

Jennie’s current research focuses on inclusion, diversity and widening participation. Her research has public impact, most recently leading to the development of effective facilitation training events funded by Youth Music and providing INSET training for music education hubs in England. She was awarded an AHRC Research Network grant in 2017 to explore the notions of excellence, inclusion and social intervention and how they impact upon sustainable working practices for musicians, bringing together researchers from the fields of music education, community music, music therapy, community music therapy, criminology and psychology.

Her extensive knowledge exchange and consultancy activities have involved designing the framework for the national music curriculum in Malta, international curriculum development for Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge International Exams, and consultancy work for ABRSM, Trinity College London and Artis Education. She is active in the international music education research community, and is currently Senior Editor for the ISME-Routledge book series.


Current and Future Research

  • Inclusive Pedagogy
  • Excellence and inclusion in music education and community music
  • Artists care working within secure environments

 Conference Papers

  • Henley, J. & Higgins, L. (2020). ‘Redefining Excellence and Inclusion’. 17th International ISME Community Music Activity commission Seminar. Online. July 2020.
  • Henley, J. & Higgins, L. (2018). ‘MUSOC – Music and Social Intervention Network: Building sustainable working practices for musicians’. Roundtable Discussion Convenor. ISME biannual World Music Education conference, 2018, Baku, Azerbaijan. 15-20 July, 2018.
  • Henley, J. (2018). ‘Community Music and the Conservatoire’. 16th International ISME Community Music Activity Commission Seminar, Tbilisi, Georgia. 10-14 July, 2018.
  • Henley, J. (2018). ‘A challenge to assumptions of the transformative power of music’. 3rd International SIMMposium. Porto, Portugal. 19-20 May 2018.
  • Henley, J. (2017). ‘Music in Detention’. Symposium Panel. The Royal Musical Association annual conference. University of Liverpool. 7-9 September, 2017.
  • Henley, J. (2017). ‘Creating Spaces for Dissonance and Harmony: hospitable experiences in prisons’. Research in Music Education (RIME) biannual conference. Bath Spa University. 24-27 April, 2017.
  • Henley, J., Burgess, S., & Brookes, W. (2017). ‘Primary generalist teachers’ perceptions of music, musical knowledge, and their own musicianship in relation to teaching music – Implications for Teacher Education’. Symposium Panel Convenor. Research in Music Education (RIME) biannual conference. Bath Spa University. 24-27 April, 2017.
  • Henley, J. (2016). ‘Challenges, tensions and strategies: integrating teacher education into a UK conservatoire’. New Directions for Performance and Music Teacher Education: A Symposium on University Music Education in China. The Arts College of Xiamen University, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. 2-5 November 2016.
  • Henley, J. (2016). ‘Creativity, musical freedom and music making within prisons: Good Vibrations Javanese Gamelan’. Workshop. ISME biannual World Music Education conference, 2016, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow. 24-29 July, 2016.
  • Henley, J., Burgess, S., & Brookes, W. (2016). ‘”I love music – I’m just not musical”: Primary generalist teachers’ perceptions of music, musical knowledge, and their own musicianship in relation to teaching music’. Roundtable Discussion Convenor. ISME biannual World Music Education conference, 2016, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow. 24-29 July, 2016.
  • Henley, J. (2016). ‘Interdisciplinary’. Invited panel member: Community Music: emerging contexts, practices, and pedagogies. ISME biannual World Music Education conference, 2016, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow. 24-29 July, 2016.
  • Henley, J. (2016). ‘Discovering “the brightest star in the darkest of spaces”’. Invited panel member: Prison Contexts and Music Education: Levels of Impact Beyond the Bars. ISME biannual World Music Education conference, 2016, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow. 24-29 July, 2016.
  • Henley, J., Cohen, M., Anderson, K., Lamela, I. & Lee, S. (2016). ‘Cross-overs and intersections between music-making in prison contexts and community music: International Perspectives’. Symposium Convenor. 15th International ISME Community Music Activity Commission Seminar, Edinburgh College, Edinburgh. 19-23 July, 2016.
  • Henley, J., Lau, F. & Spry, H. (2016). ‘When pedagogy meets technology: developing expertise in piano lessons via Google Chat’. SEMPRE Researching Music – Education – Technology (MET2016) conference, 2016. Senate House, University of London.
  • Henley, J., Mota, G., Cohen, M. & Anderson, K. (2014). ‘Building Bridges Toward Community; music-making in criminal justice contexts’. Symposium Convenor. CERM opening conference. Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo.
  • Henley, J. & Cohen, M. (2014). ‘The Relationship between Identity and Music-Making and Creating in Prison Contexts: Case Studies from the UK and the US’. ISME biannual World Music Education conference 2014, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
  • Henley, J., & Cohen, M. (2014). ‘Constructing Personal Narratives around Key Musical Events: Redefining Identities and Attitudes within and outside of Prison Music’. Proceedings of the 14th International Seminar on “Listening to the world: Experiencing and connecting the knowledge from community music” of the ISME Community Music Action Commission.
  • Henley, J. (2012). ‘Music Education for Young Offenders: A case study of a Good Vibrations Javanese Gamelan project in an English Young Offenders Institution’, SEMPRE 40th anniversary conference.
  • Henley, J. (2011). ‘Exploring Creativity: to perform or not to perform?’, British Education Research Association Annual Conference 2011.
  • Hoskyns, J. & Henley, J. (2011). ‘Banded About, Birmingham- The impact of a music partnership project on students, teachers and performing musicians’. RIME Conference, Exeter University.
  • Henley, J. (2008). ‘The Musical Lives of the Non-Musician’. Musical Development and Learning, 2nd European Conference on Developmental Psychology of Music. London, Roehampton University, conference proceedings.
  • Henley, J. (2007). ‘Learn As You Play; an investigation into adult instrumental group learning – where there’s a group, there’s a way’. British Education Research Association Annual Conference 2007.
  • Henley, J. (2007). ‘Learn As You Play; motivation for adult musical participation’. Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research Conference, October 2007.
  • Henley, J. (2006). ‘Learn As You Play’ an investigation into adult instrumental group learning: researching from the outside and the inside’ in C. Corcoran, D. Evans and C. Nicholoson (eds.) Researching Education: Different Ways of Knowing and Doing, School of Education, the University of Birmingham. pp.99-106.

Invited Speeches, INSET, and Symposia Participation

  • Royal Northern College of Music. Redefining Excellence and Inclusion. Research in Action Forum. 13 May 2020.
  • Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Pedagogy and Inclusion: a critique of outcomes-based research and evaluation. Research seminar. 3 June 2019.
  • INSET Training. Reflective Practice. Triborough Music Hub. 9 January 2019.
  • INSET Training. Unlocking Children’s Musical Imaginations. Triborough Music Hub. 28 June 2017.
  • INSET Training. Unlocking Children’s Musical Imaginations. Brighton and Hove Joint Practice Development Day. 30 January 2017.
  • Invited participant. The Digital Musician and The Portfolio Musician: consequences for learning and teaching in Higher Education performance programmes, University of Agder and Norwegian Academy of Music, Kristiansand, Norway. 31 August-1 September, 2016.
  • Invited participant. Rip it up and start again – radical music education in Scotland. AHRC/University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland. 7 May 2016.

 Research Reports

  • Hilton, C., Saunders, J., Henley, J., Henriksson-Macaulay, L., & Welch, G. F. (2015). European Music Portfolio (EMP)–Maths: Sounding Ways Into Mathematics A Review of Literature. International Centre for Music Education, UCL IOE.
  • Hoskyns, J. & Henley, J. (2010). ‘Banded About, Birmingham – Evaluation’. Birmingham, Birmingham City University.
  • Fautley, M., Henley, J. & Coll, H. (2011). ‘Open University/Trinity Guildhall Continuing Professional Development Programme for Key Stage 2 Music Provision Evaluation Report’ Birmingham, Birmingham City University.
  • Fautley, M. & Henley, J. (2010). ‘Music Provision at Grove School, Handsworth, Birmingham’. Birmingham, Birmingham City University.

Book Reviews

  • Henley, J. (2009) Book Review of Mills, J. (2007). Instrumental Teaching, Oxford, OUP: Evaluation and Research in Education 22(1), pp.70-1, London, Taylor and Francis.


College and External Research Roles


Senior Editor, ISME-Routledge Book Series

External Examiner:

  • Univeristy of York, MA Community Music
  • University of Aberdeen, BMus Community Music (with QTS)

Editorial Board Membership:

  • International Journal of Community Music


  • 2015-2020 Review Panel, Music Education Research
  • 2020 External Panel Member, Major Subject Review – Music, Kingston University
  • 2016-19 Member of Review Panel, Research in Music Education (RIME) international conference
  • 2015-19 External Examiner, BA Creative Musicianship, Institute of Contemporary Music Performance
  • 2015-18 Member, Expert Subject Advisory Group, DfE/Council for Subject Associations
  • 2014-18 External Examiner, BAEd Primary Music, MA Instrumental Teaching, University of Reading
  • 2017 Scientific Committee, Music and Social Impact Conference, GSMD July 2017
  • 2015 External Validation Panel Member, PgCert Performance Education, GSMD
  • 2014-15 Chair of Board of Examiners, CCM MA Programmes, UCL Institute of Education
  • 2012-15 Member of Editorial board, British Journal of Music Education

Research Funding

  • 2021, Musicate – Cheltenham International Festivals
  • 2017-18, MUS0C – Building Sustainable Working Practices for Musicians, AHRC, Principal Investigator
  • 2016-17, Blended Learning in Performance Studies, HEFCE Catalyst Fund
  • 2014-15, European Music Portfolio – Maths, Comenius
  • 2015, Peripatetic Tutor as Mentor meta-evaluation, Hertfordshire Music Service
  • 2012, Primary Music Module Development and Pilot, Teacher Development Agency
  • 2011-12, OU/TrinityGuildhall Key Stage 2 CPD Evaluation, TrinityGuildhall
  • 2010, Grove School Music Evaluation Project, Birmingham City University
  • 2009-10, Banded About’ Music Partnership Project Evaluation, Dept. for Schools, Children, Families

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Music and Inclusion
  • Music in Context

Postgraduate Teaching

  • Music Education Research Methods
  • Practical Pedagogy
  • Dissertation supervision

Research Supervision

  • Kayayan, N. The Dynamics of Dynamic Teaching and Learning: Engaging Students as Partners in UK Conservatoire Piano Departments.
  • Hartley, J. Critical Creativity: listening to and composing new music.
  • Shaw, L. Facilitating the transition from conservatoire student to professional through instrumental teacher education  
  • Mallia, S. Connecting Music Education: Understanding policy and practice in the context of a recently launched educational framework in Malta. 
  • Lam, G. A Process of Becoming: Developing Community Music Practice in Hong Kong.
  • Barton, D. Beyond Closed Doors: Private Music Teachers’ Perspectives on Why, How and What They Teach. (completed)
  • Huang, W. An investigation into Taiwanese music college students self-management of musical performance anxiety. (completed)
  • Aljabri, K. Exploring Strategies for Developing Western Classical Music Education in the Sultanate of Oman. (completed)


    Journal Articles

  • Henley, J., & Barton, D. (2022). Time for Change? Recurrent barriers to music education. British Journal of Music Education, 39(2).
  • Henley, J., & Parks, J. (2020). The pedagogy of a prison and community music programme: Spaces for conflict and safety. International Journal of Community Music, 13(1), 7-27. doi:10.1386/ijcm_00008_1
  • Henley, J., & Higgins, L. (2020). Redefining Excellence and Inclusion. International Journal of Community Music, 13(2), 207-16. doi:10.1386/ijcm_00020_1
  • Henley, J., & Higgins, L. (2020). MUSOC: Music and Social Intervention Network excellence, inclusion and intervention in music: Navigating contexts and building sustainable working practices for musicians. International Journal of Community Music, 13(2), 127-134. doi:10.1386/ijcm_00015_2
  • Viladot, L., Hilton, C., Casals, A., Saunders, J., Carrillo, C., Henley, J., González-Martín, C., Prat, M., & Welch, G. (2018). The integration of music and mathematics education in Catalonia and England: perspectives on theory and practice. Music Education Research, 20(1), 71-82.
  • Henley, J. (2017). How musical are generalist primary student teachers?. Music Education Research, 19(4), 470-84.
  • Henley, J. (2015). Prisons and Primary Schools: using CHAT to analyse the relationship between developing identity, developing musicianship and transformative processes. British Journal of Music Education, 32(2), 123-41.
  • Henley, J. (2014). Musical learning and desistance from crime: the case of a “Good Vibrations” Javanese gamelan project with young offenders. Music Education Research, 17(1), 103-20.
  • Welch, G., & Henley, J. (2014). Addressing the challenges of teaching music by generalist primary school teachers. Revista da ABEM, 22(32).
  • Henley, J., Caulfield, L., Wilson, D., & Wilkinson, D. (2012). Good Vibrations: Positive change through social music-making. Music Education Research, 14(4), 499-520.
  • Henley, J. (2010). Learning Gamelan: A teacher’s experience. NAME Magazine, Summer 2010, 7-10.
  • Henley, J. (2008). Learn As You Play; Gloucestershire’s ensembles from scratch. NAME Magazine, Autumn 2008, 31-5.
  • Henley, J. (2007). Learn As You Play; a model for adult instrumental group learning. Music Teacher, May 2007, 60.
  • Chapters in Books

  • Henley, J. (2021). Straffallige Jungendliche In A. de Bánffy-Hall., D. Eberhard., & A. Ziegenmeyer.(Eds.) Musik im Strafvollzug: Perspektiven aus Forschung und Praxis . Waxmann Verlag.
  • Henley, J. (2018). Music, Emotion, and Learning In P. Gouk., J. Kennaway., & J. Prins.(Eds.) The Routledge Companion to Music, Mind and Wellbeing: Historical and Scientific Perspectives . Routledge.
  • Cohen, M., & Henley, J. (2018). Music-Making Behind Bars: The Many Dimensions of Community Music in Prisons In B. Bartlett., & L. Higgins.(Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Community Music (pp 154-172 ). Oxford University Press. doi: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780190219505.013.11
  • Henley, J. (2017). The Musical Lives of the Self-Confessed Non-Musician’ In The Oxford Handbook of Music Making and Leisure (pp 203-22 ). Oxford University Press. doi: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780190244705.013.14
  • Gooderson, M., & Henley, J. (2017). Professional Song-Writing: Creativity, collaboration, and tensions between higher education song-writing and industry practice In G. Smith., Z. Moir., M. Brennan., S. Rambarran., & P. Kirkman.(Eds.) Routledge Research Companion to Popular Music Education (pp 257-71 ). Routledge.
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  • Henley, J. (2015). Music: Naturally Inclusive, Potentially Exclusive? In J. Deppler., T. Loreman., R. Smith., & L. Florian.(Eds.) Inclusive Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (pp 161-86 ). Emerald.
  • Henely, J., Cohen, M., & Mota, G. (2013). Musical development and positive identity change within criminal justice settings In G. Beyens., M. Ramos., E. Zipane., & T. Ophuysen.(Eds.) Rethinking Education: Empowering individuals with the appropriate educational tools, skills and competencies, for their active cultural, political and economic participation in society in Europe and beyond (pp 120-49 ). ACP.

Professional Activity

Current Pre-tertiary Teaching

  • 2021-current Junior RNCM
  • 2013-current Cotswold Music Tutors Summer Courses, Senior Wind Coach

Curriculum Design and Development

  • 2018 Cambridge Assessment, development of Primary and Lower Secondary Music Curriculum stages 1-10 (ages 4-14 years)
  • 2016 Cambridge International Exams (now Cambridge Assessment), redevelopment of A-level and AS-level music syllabuses
  • 2015 ARTIS Education, Hackney New Primary School Curriculum
  • 2015 Cambridge International Exams, review of the Albanian High (16-18 years) Singing Curriculum and recommendations for redevelopment
  • 2013-15 Cambridge International Exams, design of Nile Egyptian Schools curriculum and writing teaching guides for grades 9-11 (ages 15-18 years) and review of earlier grades
  • 2014 Maltese Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education, design of learning outcomes framework for the national curriculum, levels 5-10 (ages 7-16 years)
  • 2013 ARTIS Education, design of performing arts curriculum delivered in inner-city primary schools by performing arts practitioners in London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham
  • 2013 Trinity College London, design of Certificate for Music Educators assessors’ training
  • 2012 Cambridge International Exams, Design of Kazakhstan integrated music and visual arts curriculum and writing of teaching guide and textbook grade 8 (ages 14-15 years)

 Practitioner Publications and Resources

  • Henley, J. (2016). Chira Chacho Project for Secondary Schools, Sing Up Website, January 2016.
  • Henley, J. and Hilton, C. (2015). Sound Symmetry, activity plan, Sing Up Magazine, Autumn 2015.
  • Henley, J. and Hilton, C. (2015). EYFS: The Amazing Alice the Camel, activity plan, Sing Up Magazine, Spring 2015 (STEM Special).
  • Henley, J. and Hilton, C. (2015). KS1: Surround Sound, activity plan, Sing Up Magazine, Spring 2015 (STEM Special).
  • Henley, J. and Hilton, C. (2015). KS2: Chocoholics, activity plan, Sing Up Magazine, Spring 2015 (STEM Special).
  • Henley, J. (2015). Alice and her amazing mathematical humps, article, Sing Up Magazine, Spring 2015 (STEM Special).
  • Henley, J. and Wakeling, K. (2015). High Score!, article, Sing Up Magazine, Spring 2015 (STEM Special).

 Music Leadership, Mentorship and Management

  • 2008-12 Gloucestershire Music Summer Courses, Director
  • 2002-12 Gloucestershire Music Summer Courses, Wind Coach and Junior Orchestra Director
  • 2007-12 Lakeside Concert Band, Director
  • 2007-11 ABRSM, Professional Development Mentor
  • 2001-11 Brookfield Music Centre, Ensemble and Choirs Director
  • 2007-09 Tewkesbury Music Centre, Director
  • 2001-06 Gloucestershire Music, Adult Learning Manager and Wind Coach