Paul Patterson

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Professor of Composition


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Tutor in Composition

Paul Patterson is a Tutor in Composition at the RNCM. His works are regularly performed by leading artists and orchestras both in the UK and internationally, two of the most popular being his orchestral setting of Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood and his Violin Concerto. Many of his works have been recorded, including Little Red Riding Hood (both in English, Norwegian and German), Magnificat Op 75, Royal Eurostar Fanfare, Comedy for Five Winds, Westerly Wind, Hell’s Angels, Conversations, and Duologue.

His recent works include a Viola Concerto, Jubilee Dances (commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the BBC Concert Orchestra), and the music for Roald Dahl’s version of The Three Little Pigs (commissioned by the Basle Symphony Orchestra). He has also composed film scores, chiefly for Hammer Films, and has written music for various TV shows, including the theme tunes for Omnibus and Horizon, and composed the BBC Christmas musical The Dancing Princesses.

Paul is a tireless advocate for contemporary music and in 1996 was honoured with the PRS/RPS Leslie Boosey Award for his outstanding services to British music. He also received Poland’s highest award for services to Polish music.