Roger Webster

Photo of Roger Webster

Professor of Cornet (Senior Tutor)

MMus, PhD

Email: [email protected]


Tutor in Cornet,trumpet and performance psychology

As a trumpet and cornet player, Roger appears regularly with many of the UK’s top brass bands and orchestras, plus the Alliance Brass Ensemble featuring top professionals.

In addition to his performance career, Roger conducts research in the area of psychotherapy, with special relevance to the needs of musicians. He lectures and holds consultations in areas of psychology specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and has been particularly involved with the treatment of dystonias and musical stammers (yips, dartitis etc.), as well as the usual performance anxiety issues.

His book Websters PPP has received worldwide critical acclaim and is available in English and German with further versions in French and Japanese planned. Roger is an endorsee for Besson Musical Instruments and has been actively involved in the development of new products since 1988.