Tesni Jones

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Administration Assistant

Email: [email protected]

  1. To assist students and staff with queries about timetabling and room availibility.
  2. To enter data into the college’s academic-related administrative IT systems.
  3. To book guest flats within the Sir Charles Groves Halls of Residence.
  4. To provide administrative support to the Academic Services team.
  5. To help students/ tutors with any ASIMUT/ Zoom related issues.

Tesni Jones is the Administrative Assistant within the Academic Services department, and is a member of the Rooms team ([email protected]) at the Royal Northern College of Music.

She focuses mainly on Principal Study tutition bookings across all schools and instruments, as well as covering all tutor and external guest accomodation booking requests.

She herself is a First-Class graduate (2021) of the RNCM, and therefore very much understands and shares the college’s passion for music and performance in all of it’s forms. She always aims to carry out her duties as Administrative Assistant to the best of her ability, with the focus always being placed on ensuring the finest experience for each and every student enrolled at the college.

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