Dr Mauricio Pauly

Maurico Pauly is a core member of the Experimental/Exploratory Music Research Centre (EEMRC) at the RNCM.

Mauricio makes music for mixed ensembles, often integrating amplification, performative electronics & prefabricated sounds. He is also a performer and improviser, based in Manchester, UK and also in Vancouver, Canada.

He is the co-founder and artistic co-director for instrumental and mixed music Distractfold.

He co-curated and co-produced BBC3 + Sound_and_Music’s Cut & Splice Festival 2017.

He is part of a band called Rosa Debe Cuidársele with Gabriel Montagné Láscaris-Comneno.

In 2014-15 he was a fellow at Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.




Selected Recent Projects

The Threshing Floor – 2014

Instrumentation: amplified duo (tenor saxophone and percussion) and live electronics

Commission details: commissioned by scapegoat (Paris). Research supported by the RNCM research fund.

Note: The Threshing Floor spotlights two performers facing one another, their choreographies intimately integrated between them, their instruments and the terms of their amplification. A rough undulating centre throws offshoots into a pale ring of sustained tones projected by speakers against the outer walls. These ebb back into slow swarms of controlled feedback, extending the boundaries of all bodies involved.

Peformance history: 

May 13 2015 – Scapegoat (Paris): Knafel Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

May 14 2015 – Scapegoat: La Vitrola, Montreal, Canada

May 15 2015 – Scapegoat: Canadian Music Centre, Toronto, Canada (concert & presentation)

May 16 2015 – Scapegoat: Ratio, Toronto, Canada

May 19 2015 – Scapegoat: SpreadArt, Detroit, MI, USA

May 21 2015 – Scapegoat: Constellation, Chicago, IL, USA

May 24 2015 – Scapegoat: Spectrum, New York, NY, USA

November 24 2015 – Scapegoat: City University, London

November 18 2015 – Scapegoat: RNCM, Manchester, UK

November 20 2015 – Scapegoat: St. Catherine’s College, Oxford U, UK

November 23 2015 – Scapegoat: HCMF Shorts, Huddersfield, UK

Jan 29 2016 – International Contemporary Ensemble (NY): Abrons Center, New York

Jan 29 2016 – International Contemporary Ensemble (NY):, Chopin Theatre, Chicago

May 9 2016 – Scapegoat: Kompakt Series, Zurich

April 28 2017 – Scapegoat: IGNM Series, Gare du Nord, Basel

May 2 2017  – Scapegoat: Unerhörte Musik, Berlin

May 15 2017 – Scapegoat: No Hay Banda, La Sala Rossa Montreal

June 26 2017 – slow (sullivan/olencki/wubbels): Scholes Street Studio, New York

Sept 9 2017 – Scapegoat: Grand Street Theatre, Melbourne

2018 Spring – scapegoat tour US West Coast

2018-19 – slow tour this work along with my more recent piece, Hecayodo


Live at Radcliffe/Harvard 2015 (video)

Score follower (video)

Live at Radcliffe/Harvard 2015 (audio)

Score (current, pdf)


Charred Edifice Shining – 2016

Instrumentation: amplified string trio and electronics

Commission details: commissioned by Distractfold Ensemble and the Darmstadt Summer Course for New Music 2016

Performance history:

June 30 2016 – Distractfold Ensemble: The Wonder Inn (Darmstadt Preview concert), Manchester UK

August 7 2016 – Distractfold Ensemble: 48th Darmstadt Ferienkurse, Germany

Oct 4 2016 – Distractfold Ensemble: KammerKlang, Café Oto, London

Nov 23 2016 – Distractfold Ensemble: HCMF, Huddersfield, UK

Mar 10 2017 – Distractfold Ensemble: Cut & Splice 2017, Manchester, UK


Live at Cafe Oto (2016) (audio)

Live at Cafe Oto (2016) (video)

Live at Cut & Splice Manchester (2017) (video)

Score (current, pdf)


La Caza la Pesca el Pillaje el Pastoreo – 2016

Instrumentation: amplified trio (accordion, electric guitar and percussion), live electronics and double video projection

Commission details: commissioned by Villa Romana Prize as a site specific piece for their artist residence in Florence, Italy. Written in collaboration with Gabriel Montagné


teaser 1 (2016) (video)

teaser 2 (2016) (video)


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