RNCM marketing research quotation opportunity

The RNCM is looking to commission a market research project to formulate a market entry strategy for India.


Submission of Quick Quotation No later than 12pm (Noon) on 9 August 2021
Acceptance & Issue of Purchase Order (Expected) 11 August 2021
Contract Start Date (Expected) 16 August 2021
Contract End Date (Expected) 16 November 2021

Dates may be subject to change but will remain within agreeable requirements. Quotations can be submitted at any time prior to the final date and time stated above.

Overview of Requirement

The purpose of this research is to form a market entry strategy for the RNCM to India as a recruitment market.

To be a prospective student to the RNCM, applicants should have substantial training in their subject/instrument area and be able to demonstrate a high standard of performance (or composition ability for composers) and potential. They also need to meet the relevant academic and English Language requirement, and have the ability to afford tuition fees and maintenance during their study.

A market entry strategy should enable the RNCM to identity target subject areas in India and their demand, the journey/characteristics of a prospective student, and means to promote the RNCM effective among them.

Questions that we’d like answers to via this research are:

  • Who are the prospective students for the RNCM in India? (such as their journey and characteristics)
  • What subject areas (classical, popular, music education or research) are they interested in? at which level (UG, PG, short courses) and which instruments/disciplines?
  • Where are these students coming from (such as target cities, feeder schools, or local networks)?
  • How should the RNCM adapt its offerings to prospective students in India?
  • How should the RNCM promote itself effectively?

Selection Criteria

The College will consider all on-time submissions based on the project proposal, the company’s background and experience, and the quote.

The College is not bound to accept the lowest or any submission it may receive.

How to Apply

If you can provide such a service, I’d appreciate it if you complete and return the Quick Quotation document to [email protected] no later than 9 August 2021.