Dr Jo Yee Cheung

Dr Jo Yee Cheung

Jo Yee Cheung

Name: Dr Jo Yee Cheung

Role: Pianist, Educator, Founder and Chief Executive of the Olympias Music Foundation, RNCM Associate Member

About: In 2015, Jo Yee founded the Olympias Music Foundation (OMF), an incredible charity which provides sustained, high-quality music education to children from diverse, low-income communities in Manchester. Since then, the OMF has delivered over 13,000 free music lessons to 250+ children in Manchester, engaging hundreds more young people and adults through workshops and performances. OMF also runs 4 community choirs, including the Voices of Hope choir for female refugees and asylum seekers; weekly SEND music workshops for 80 children in 2 primary schools; and Migrant Voices, a network of 70 professional musicians and music educators in Manchester from 27 different countries. The OMF is very much an RNCM family affair, with Jo Yee ensuring that current students and alumni have the opportunity to support its work while developing their own personal and professional skills.

Did you know? After graduating in 2017, Jo Yee completed a PhD at the College. Her research looked at the role of parents in the development of metacognition in children during musical learning.