Lavender Rodriguez

Lavender Rodriguez

Name: Lavender Rodriguez

Role: Alumna, Composer, Artist, Promoter

About: Lavender was an integral part of our 2021/22 SU Team and was instrumental in establishing RNCM Underrepresented. This student/staff initiative is motivated by the need to celebrate overlooked musical voices within the world history of music with a view to bringing them into our mainstream curriculum and programme. They said: ‘Our aim is to create new opportunities to identify, highlight, perform and share excluded and underrepresented music. This project is unique to the RNCM, and I’ve had students from other HE institutions reach out to us to ask about the work we’re doing and the resources we’ve put together… Whilst there is still a lot of work to be done, it is wonderful to have such an open and honest dialogue between students and staff, to have acknowledgment that change is necessary, and to see change happening in response to student voices and concerns.’

Did you know? Violin is Lavender’s first study instrument. They began playing at the age of eight and kept it up ever since!

Photo credit: Tammy Laing