Your Choice: Neil Balfour

Your Choice: Neil Balfour

Neil Balfour portrait

Name: Neil Balfour

Role: Alumnus and Opera Singer

You said…

‘My nominee is my husband, Neil Balfour, so forgive me for that, but I know he’d never nominate himself. The RNCM changed his life. Neil was a pianist and conductor until he ‘accidentally’ sang in an opera in Leeds, where Lynne Dawson [Head of Vocal Studies and Opera] heard him. She told him that he had a natural gift and should seriously consider becoming a singer. Two years later, Neil had made the switch and entered the RNCM with only a couple years of singing under his belt but full of excitement and wonder. He had the best time of his life here and owes so much to the experience and opportunities provided. He featured as the lead in many operas and took part in projects and prestigious singing competitions. Since leaving, he’s developed a full international career as an opera singer.’ Katy Balfour