Your Choice: Audrey Lawson

Your Choice: Audrey Lawson

Name: Audrey Lawson

Role: Food and Beverage Assistant

You said…

‘Audrey has been making students, staff and visitors feel welcome at the RNCM for decades. I was an undergraduate student from 2000-2004 and Audrey was already a legend back then. Now I’m back doing a PhD and she’s still going strong, always ready for a chat and a laugh and keeping us entertained. I consider her to be part of the backbone of the College and feel it is essential to include her face as part of RNCM50.’ Meriel Price

‘Audrey brightens everybody’s day at the RNCM. She has worked here for the entirety of my studies (both UG and PG) and has been a constant, friendly face to look forward to seeing each day. I’m sure many other students, past and present, think the same!’ Lucy Farrimond

‘Audrey has been at the RNCM for many years and is known by pretty much everyone. Students and cafe customers alike love her cheerful smile, wry sense of humour and (when needed) compassion and wise words. When students are having a hard time, she cheers them up and encourages them to take care of themselves. When they graduate, she is often sought out for a ‘must-have’ graduation photo. For many, Audrey IS the RNCM. She remembers your favourite drink or snack and even if you had a rough morning, she’s there to keep you going. The RNCM is known for being friendly, welcoming and a great place to be. Audrey personifies that feeling.’ Susan Baines

‘Audrey has worked in the catering department for the last 20 years. She’s incredibly reliable and does everything she can to ensure the cafe is ready every morning to serve staff, students, and visitors.’ Jose Martinez

‘Audrey has been behind the cafe counter for as long as I’ve worked at the RNCM. Invariably cheerful, helpful, reliable, and often the first person you come face to face with of a morning. She certainly deserves recognition for all of her work over the years.’ Gary Carpenter

‘[Audrey] would brighten my day as a student, serve with a smile and take an interest in what we had going on. An absolute star and an important part of the institution. What a joy!’ Dan White