Students’ Union

The Students’ Union has a multi-faceted role, dealing with everything from decisions at the highest level to post-orchestra parties.

First and foremost, the SU exists for you: to represent you, to support you and to make sure that your time at the RNCM is the best it can be. We are the liaison between students and staff; we will take things forward and guarantee that your voice is heard. From day one, we are here to help, encourage and entertain you.

The opinion of the student body is so important and what you say does make a difference. The Students’ Union is here to listen and talk to you on every issue that you want to raise. No issue is too big or too small.

So whatever you need help with, whether it be problems with too many rehearsals, difficulties with your academic work, personal problems or not knowing which bar to hit on a Saturday night, the SU will be able to point you in the right direction to get things sorted.

The RNCM is about you, the students, and we are here to make sure that everything is running as it should be and as you would like it.

Executive Team and Officers 

Meet your RNCM Students’ Union Team for 2019-20!

Students' Union Team 2019-20

SU President – Alice Flannery
Activities Officer – Elyena Clapperton
Welfare Officer – Ruth Owens
Diversity Officer – Lavender Rodriguez
Education Officer – Ellie Lee
Community Officer – Cara Houghton



COVID-19 Update: In order to provide the best possible student experience over the coming months and to ensure maximum access for staff and students while social distancing is in place, the RNCM will remain closed to the public until further notice. More information...