Academic Studies

Academic Studies underpin the Bachelor of Music with Honours at the RNCM.

Throughout the programme, students attend classes in musicianship, historical and contextual studies, performance and repertoire, and language of music, all of which are designed to support the components of Principal Study tuition.

As the course progresses, students are offered a series of electives by leading researchers in music. These include exploring issues in historical and contemporary performance practice, composition, notation, orchestration, music and other arts (painting, architecture, cinema), music for the stage and, among others, arranging. Combined, the modules provide you with the highest quality teaching underpinned by cutting-edge research, while complementing your practical work and future career aspirations.

Please note that GRNCM (‘Joint Course’) students do not take Academic Studies modules at the RNCM as requirements are fulfilled through the MusB programme at The University of Manchester.

Postgraduate Study: The Academic Studies team teach and supervise academic aspects of postgraduate programmes. There are several ways you can pursue your studies at postgraduate level – for further information please visit the Graduate School.

Academic Studies Staff

Programme Staff List

Head of Undergraduate Programmes
Professor Nicholas Reyland PhD, MMus, BMus, Fellow HEA

Deputy Head of Undergraduate Programmes
Dr Simon Parkin ARCM, GRNCM, MusB, PhD

Assistant Head of Undergraduate Programmes and Course Leader GRNCM
Dr Michelle Phillips BA (Hons), MA, PhD

Fellows in Creative and Professional Practice
Hannah McCabe BMus (Hons), MMus
Gavin Wayte PhD, MusM, BMus(Hons), FRSA

Lecturer in Music
Annika Forkert Magistra Artium, PhD, FHEA

Head of the Graduate School
Dr David Horne BMus, PhD

Deputy Head of Graduate School
Dr Simon Clark BMus, MMus, MPhil, PhD

Head of Music Education
Dr John Habron BA, MA, PhD, MA, FHEA

Assistant Head of Music Education (PGCE)
Robert Gardiner

Lecturer in Health and Wellbeing
Dr Sara Ascenso

Director of Research
Professor Barbara Kelly MA, MM, PhD

Associate Director of Research
Professor Jane Ginsborg PhD, BA (Open), BA (York), DipGSMD, C.Psychol., AFBPsS, FHEA

Teaching Fellows in Historical Performance
Harvey Davies GRNCM
Roger Hamilton MA, MA, ARCM

Teacher in Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Dr Karin Greenhead PhD; Dip. Sup. Institut Jaques-Dalcroze; GRSM; ARCM

Visiting Tutors
Sarah Atter BMus(Hons), GRNCM
Dr Amanda Babington BMus (Hons), MA (Performance), MA (Musicology), PhD, FHEA
Dr Colin Beeson BMus (Hons), PhD, FRNCM
Steve Berry FHEA
Dr David Fligg
Dr Dario van Gammeren SFHEA
Gethin Griffith BMus (Hons), PGDipRNCM, PGCertPAE, FHEA
Mike Hall BSc, PGDipRNCM
Dr Helen Seddon-Gray  MusB (Hons), GRNCM, MusM (Hons), PhD
Peter Syrus BA, BPhil, ATCL
Dr David Vickers BA (Hons), MMus, PhD
Dr Nina Whiteman BA (Hons), MusM, PhD
Dr Kris Worsley PhD

English Language Learning Support Tutor
Dr Jean Ammar FHEA, BA (Hons), Cert Ed, Dip Ed (TESOL), MEd. (TESOL), MA (History), PhD, Dip Management

Learning Support Tutor
Dr Cheryll Duncan BMus, MA Music, MA Psych, PhD, PGCE, Ad.Dip. Couns., HonRNCM

E-Learning Co-ordinator
Peter Stacey BSc, MMedSci, PgCert

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