Name a Seat

Naming a seat is a wonderful way to leave a lasting contribution to the College of behalf of yourself, a group or a loved one.

Support us by naming a seat in our refurbished Concert Hall. Your dedication can include up to 30 characters, giving you the freedom to write a special message of your own choosing. Seats have been named by staff and students past and present, as well as music lovers and artists from across the world with dedications varying as much as the people and stories behind them.

‘I chose to name a seat, not only as a memorial to a loved one and fellow concert lover but also to support an institution that has given us so much pleasure in the past; to help widen its remit and output’   Kate Whale, Named Seat Donor

Name a seat

Examples of existing dedications

Happy Birthday Julian
AWSJ and N xx

John Cameron FRNCM
An Inspirational Teacher

Lang Lang Foundation

Manchester Welsh Society

All RNCM Students
For their Dedication and Performance

Rev Kevin Maddy
Student 1975-79

Remembering my Beloved Kiwi Mate
Deirdre Elliott
Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Person
Love Sally

Seat plaque

Types of Seat and Payment

There are three different seating areas and price brackets to choose from:

Front Block: £600 (or 12 monthly payments of £50)
Back Block: £450 (or 12 monthly payments of £37.50)
Balcony: £300 (or 12 monthly payments of £25)

You can choose to pay either in one instalment or by standing order over 12 months. It is also possible to pay as a group in memory of a friend/family member and you may upgrade your seat at any time.

Please note that seats are subject to availability, but once installed will remain for the lifetime of the seat.

To Name a Seat simply fill out this form and return it to Lauren Noel at or Development Office, RNCM, 124, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD. Alternatively, to learn more contact Lauren on 0161 907 5394.