We are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment and are proud to promote a zero-tolerance culture regarding sexual harassment.

RNCM Zero is a collaborative campaign between the RNCM and the RNCM Students’ Union, led by the Students’ Union. We believe that all staff and students have the right to work and study, confident in the knowledge that they are fully respected by everyone within our community.

Sexual harassment is undeniable in our society and we know that it won’t disappear overnight, but together, we can stand in solidarity to ensure that the RNCM sets a strong example, creating a harassment-free College for all.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment relates to any form of unwanted and non-consensual behaviour of a sexual nature.

It can include:

  • Sexual comments or jokes
  • Physical behaviour, including unwelcome sexual advances, touching and various forms of sexual assault
  • Displaying pictures, photos or drawings of a sexual nature
  • Sending emails or social media posts with a sexual content

Together, we can stand in solidarity to:

  • Never tolerate, condone or ignore sexual harassment
  • Support staff and students at every stage of the reporting process
  • Actively challenge the culture in which sexual harassment happens through reporting and intervention
  • Contribute towards the creation of a culture that understands and respects the definition of consent