River of Work

Have you ever wondered how to be successful? Walter Carroll mapped out sources of inspiration you must nurture in his River of Work.

Walter Carroll (1869-1955), was a champion of music education in Manchester and former teacher at the Royal Manchester College of Music. He was a man of great imagination and passion for education.

Walter Carroll's River of Work

Walter Carroll’s River of Work

This item reveals Carroll as a cartographer, showing what rivers you must navigate to arrive at The Port of Success. Whilst he was likely thinking of music when he penned this geography, the map is to any success. The main rivers are that of Technique, Work and Personality, with their sources in the hills of human energy, mind and divine gift respectively.

Along the way these branches are fed by smaller rivers of imagination, privacy, control, thoroughness, friends and many others. Education of course makes a central appearance but so does travel, enthusiasm and religion. It’s a telling peek into Walter Carroll’s approach to music pedagogy and a lovely little thing to boot.

Item reference Carroll/WC/8. Check out the catalogues at www.archives.rncm.ac.uk to discover more of the collections!

22 March 2016