RNCM 2020/2021 Completed – June Blog

Is it me, or has this year flown by? I can’t believe that I’m sat writing this blog the day before I move out of halls – forever!

My first Freshers event in 2019 kicked off with a party at Sir Charles Groves Hall and although it still seems like yesterday, it is also such a distant memory due to what’s happened in the past year and a half. I’m super excited to move into a house in prep for my third (!!!) year at the RNCM.

June has definitely been my favourite month at the RNCM this year. There has been so much going on in and out of the building with events ranging from musical jams in the refectory to cross school sports day and football matches; it’s been wonderful to see so many happy faces enjoying the last few weeks of term, with graduating students creating some of their final memories here in Manchester. RNCM DeFreshers/reunite has provided the perfect send off before summer and I’m so grateful to have made some ace memories before heading home.

I have a few highlights from RNCM reunite, starting with COLLEGE BAR! College bar finally reopened after such a long time and was accompanied by some fab performances and jams from friends and colleagues from college. There have also been live concerts (for staff and student audiences only) which were absolutely incredible. Live music is something we have all missed dearly, so to be back in the Concert Hall listening to a symphony has been monumental to say the least. I managed to see a performance of Mendelssohn’s ‘Italian’ Symphony, alongside some Strauss and Milhaud. I felt so proud of my friends who were performing (team viola!) and felt privileged to be listening to such amazing music in a live setting once more.

Aside from listening to music live again, I too participated in a live performance this month during my chamber music exam; we played ‘Shore’ from ‘Last Leaf’ by The Danish String Quartet and the first movement of Beethoven’s iconic String Quartet No. 4. Although only ten minutes long this year, our quartet had such a lovely time preparing and performing in this exam. We even had the honour of playing in the RNCM’s new Studio 8 – this new performing space is very unique and can create multiple sonic environments in one physical space. For us, this meant we could change how our sound was interpreted, by adjusting reverb and other auditory bits and bobs. I still can’t get my head around how a completely dry space can be altered to sound like a cathedral, but luckily that’s not something I have to worry about!

I also bagged myself a viola this month in preparation for an elective which I will be undertaking next year – ‘Viola for Violinists’. It’s been fun getting to know a new instrument but it’s taking me time to adapt to the different spacing, weight and size (not to mention playing in general as I’m recovering from an injury!). Furthermore, reading alto clef is not my forte so if anybody has any tips on getting to know the clef seamlessly, I would be very grateful.

Non-musical things this month included a sunny picnic at Temple Newsam in Leeds, a yummy bake sale and visits to Manchester’s Science and Technology Museum and Art Gallery. Life has been good in June and has created a bittersweet atmosphere to the end of this very strange but wonderful year.

Last thing to say is that I hope you all have wonderful summer holidays and best of luck to graduating students – RNCM 2020/2021… completed it mate😎!

See you next year,


12 July 2021