Sam Lightwing – a Day in the Life

Digital Ambassador Sam Lightwing shares a typical day in his life amidst the Coronavirus pandemic

This has been an especially weird time for everyone, with a lot of uncertainty about when College will open again. For me, I had a job at a local cafe lined up until the news came through that all public spaces were to be closed.

While the NHS are working tirelessly as well as many other professions to keep the country going, I am doing my best to stay busy and grounded. The following is a summary of a recent day in my life during this strange time.


I started off the day with breakfast and an episode of ‘Parts Unknown’ by Anthony Bourdain. Being a keen traveller, it’s a great series to learn more about different cultures around the world, and is on Amazon Prime if you have it. I’d recommend giving it a go with all the extra time!

Then I did two hours practice before my online lesson at 11am. I’m working on the potential repertoire for my final recital right now, especially a piece called ‘Buku’ by Dutch composer Jacob der Veldhuis. It’s interesting as it has a backing track, so there is no freedom of time, and everything has to be completely metric.

My lesson was great – there are potential drawbacks to having a lesson online, but today’s was extremely positive. There are actually some advantages I realised, such as accessing material/recordings right there in the moment with a laptop on hand.


I then read a bit of a book I’m reading; this is a better time than ever to invest some time in reading. At College I often ended up doing something in the evenings, whether it be practising, socialising or just watching something that takes less effort than reading. At home with more time to yourself, you can definitely enjoy a book more. It’s called ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ by George R. R. Martin and is set 300 years or so before the main Game of Thrones storyline. I can highly recommend it if you’re into the series or the books!

Afterwards I made progress with my arrangement of ‘There Will Never Be Another You’ for saxophone quartet (AATB) which is due on Friday for an assignment at College. I’ve written it in 3/4 rather than 4/4 for an extra challenge and because it made sense melodically.


My family and I then went for a walk and I cooked dinner afterwards. I think it’s important not to get completely tied down with music at times like these, and keep some balance. Obviously do what you want to and need to, but don’t go overboard.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed being back home, spending quality time with my family, and doing different things like some of those above to stay busy!

I can also recommend keeping fit, one of the only things that’s free and still an option under quarantine! I try to go for a run, cycle, row or walk daily as this makes you feel good, fit and healthy afterwards.

9 April 2020