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Lucy Hale Day of Music, Disability and Technology

As part of the RNCM’s first ever Disability Awareness Week, the College presents the Lucy Hale Day of Music, Disability and Technology, in collaboration with Drake Music, directed by composer Megan Steinberg and co-directed by composer Ben Lunn.

The day spotlights the work of disabled, d/Deaf and neurodivergent artists in the UK who use technology in innovative ways, and whose unique practices are driven by their differences, instead of conforming to non-disabled traditions. From Kris Halpin’s MiMu gloves, Clare Johnston’s iPad, Louis Palfrey’s Makey Makey Kits and Sonia Allori’s Electronic Wind Instrument, each artist and event provides new insight into technology, music and disability.

About Lucy Hale:

Lucy Hale was a composer and disability advocate, who died in January 2021. Lucy was known for her innovative approach to composition and her passion for breaking down barriers. In 2021 Lucy was planning to begin her PhD at the Royal Northern College of Music, in partnership with Drake Music and PRiSM, having won Collaborative Doctoral Award funding to investigate disability and accessibility through the composition of new works for accessible musical instruments. This research continues in her name, now carried out by Megan Steinberg, who will be showcasing some of her work at this celebration of Lucy’s life.

All events are free to attend and are as accessible as possible.

This event is made possible by NWCDTP who are supporting Megan Steinberg’s Lucy Hale Doctoral Award, a Composition PhD in association with Drake Music exploring and widening accessibility in music.