RNCM Archives joins Heritage Open Days’ New Wave programme.

RNCM Archives is excited to be a member of Heritage Open Days’ New Wave programme.

A youth engagement project coordinated by Heritage Open Days (HOD), New Wave provides training and funding to a small cohort of HOD organisers, enabling them to develop new, innovative events for young adults.

The year-long project seeks to deliver high quality events that push the boundaries of what people expect of HODs, widening the festival’s appeal to audience groups that it’s previously struggled to reach.

Heather Roberts, RNCM Archivist, said: ‘We are looking forward to working with young local adults to design and deliver an event that presents the wonderful stories of the college’s heritage in an interesting and meaningful way. The importance of our past and its power to inspire the future has never been more relevant and we are grateful to Heritage Open Days for affording us the resources and support to do more with our collections.’

Promoted nationally by the National Trust with support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, New Wave events will take place during HODs 2021 (10 – 19 September), providing opportunities for young people across the country to engage with local heritage and culture in new and exciting ways.

Andrew Henderson, Heritage Open Days Marketing and Projects Manager said: ‘New Wave is an exciting addition to Heritage Open Days. It is challenging our organisers to explore new ways of working and giving young adults a stronger voice in both the festival and wider cultural sector. Watch this space for bold, innovative events that push the boundaries of what people expect from our annual celebration of England’s history and culture.’

23 March 2021