RNCM Research launches Centre for Music and Conflict

On Wednesday 13 March RNCM Research launched its Centre for Music and Conflict (CMC) at its weekly Research Forum.

A collaborative initiative involving musicians, writers, musicologists, cultural and economic historians and literary theorists, ethnomusicologists, music education experts and psychologists, the CMC explores the various roles that music and the arts play in reflecting, representing, critiquing and commemorating conflict and post-war reconstruction.

Speakers included Professor James Gow (Professor of International Peace and Security at King’s College, University of London), poet/librettist Ben Kaye, and the RNCM’s Dr Felicity Laurence, Dr David Fligg, Professor Adam Gorb and Professor Barbara Kelly.

The discussion revolved around the themes of war and commemoration, displacement and trafficking, and the role of the arts in reconciliation and post-conflict reconstruction.

Professor Kelly, RNCM Director of Research, said: ‘I am delighted to announce the launch of this new Centre to reflect the considerable role music and the other arts play in addressing questions of conflict and post-war reconstruction. We hope that the Centre will encourage new collaborations between creative artists, researchers and external partners, including charities and the creative industries.’

The event was recorded and included live music with RNCM students and was followed by a wine reception.

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14 March 2019