Centre for Music and Conflict (CMC)

The CMC explores the various roles that music and the arts play in reflecting, representing, commenting on and commemorating conflict.

The CMC’s collaborations are interdisciplinary and involve the active participation of writers, cultural and economic historians and literary theorists, ethnomusicologists, music education experts and psychologists.

Maurice Ravel as a Soldier – Anonymous (1916)

The Centre’s Research

The CMC is focused primarily on the following themes:

  • Creative practice and conflict
  • Music in war and peace
  • Nationalism and transnationalism
  • Music, politics and international diplomacy
  • Commemoration
  • Trauma and healing

The CMC addresses these themes from a variety of complementary approaches, such as creative practice in composition and performance, cultural and political history, critical theory and analysis.

Team and Collaborators


Professor Barbara L. Kelly

Professor Adam Gorb

Dr David Fligg

Professor Nicholas Reyland

Dr Adam Swayne

Dr Geoff Thomason

External partners

Professor James Gow, Professor of International Peace and Security, Kings College, London

Felicity Laurence

Ben Kaye – Librettist

CMC Research Projects