Music and Nation

The Music and Nation (Musique et nation) project is an interdisciplinary research group of scholars who are working on the themes of nationalism, transnationalism and internationalism in music.

They are interested in the role music plays in diplomacy, war, peacemaking, post-war transitions, international relations and commemoration.

A collage of illustrated vintage concert posters.

The research group initially focused on interwar Europe and the Americas, but the theme has expanded to include a network of scholars from a range of disciplines who are working on these core issues from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century on a global scale.

Core Research Team

Professor Philippe Gumplowicz – Université d’Évry Val d’Essonne (SLAM))

Professor Barbara L. Kelly – RNCM

Dr Martin Guerpin – Université d’Évry Val d’Essonne (SLAM)

Dr Anaïs Flechet – Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin- en-Yvelines (CHSCS), l’Institut Universitaire de France


Music and Nation 3: Post-War Transitions Conference, Université de Montréal, 18-20 October 2018 

Paris-Saclay workshop, Sorties de guerre, January 2018

American Musicological Society panel, International Music Festivals in Interwar Europe: questions of aesthetics, diplomacy and identity, Rochester, Nov 2017

Music and Nation 2: 1918-1945 – Europe – the Americas Conference, RNCM, Nov 2016

Music and Nation 1: Paris Conference, Dec 2015


Musique et nation dans l’entredeux-guerres (Europe-Amériques). Compte rendu de la journée d’étude inaugurale du projet de recherche 10 décembre 2015, Maison de la Recherche, Paris Johanna Amar, Tristan Lebaud et Cecilia Gomes Pires

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