Northern Quarter Records

Northern Quarter Records is an independent label that nurtures creative talent and champions high quality musicianship and professional integrity. It is our mission to support RNCM students by providing professional artist development and by promoting their original music through digital record releases, social media and live shows.

We occupy a unique space in the contemporary music industry based on the following core principles:

  • Operating with professionalism, integrity and honesty
  • Creating and producing music of the highest quality and calibre
  • Nurturing creativity through innovation and artistic freedom
  • Supporting artists through fair joint venture deals
  • Financial viability that re-invests in the development of the label

Artists are signed on a one-year deal during which they:

  • Write, record and release an EP or album
  • Create artwork, music videos and promotional materials
  • Enhance their radio, TV and social media presence
  • Play touring live shows across the UK
  • Perform in the Summer festival season

Our artists work with music industry professionals including:

  • Artist mangers
  • Digital distribution companies
  • Film makers
  • Live sound engineers
  • Marketing and PR companies
  • Music Lawyers
  • Photographers
  • Producers
  • Promoters
  • Tour managers
  • Videographers

The business model is predicated on self-sufficiency and a joint venture approach, with income generated through sales, publishing and merchandise being split equally between the artist and the label, and profits being re-invested into the development of the label.