Contemporary Philosophy Research Centre (CPRC)

The CPRC was founded to promote research into, and deepen understanding of, all aspects of contemporary continental and analytic philosophy

Situated at the RNCM, the centre naturally has a strong orientation around the arts; but with its longstanding connections to both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University in the north-west, and to international partners further afield, its remit extends to all areas of contemporary philosophical thought.

Its principal aim is to foster a sense of community amongst staff and students, centred in particular on our research degrees programme. Beyond this, it welcomes involvement across disciplines and institutions where shared interests and goals help to build on the existing strengths and vibrancy of the RNCM.

CPRC regularly holds study days, reading groups and various related activities. A major conference devoted to Alain Badiou and his four conditions of philosophy, conditions that produce truths for philosophy (art, science, politics and love), is planned for the near future.


Dr Simon Clarke, CPRC Director, philosopher, musicologist, Lecturer in Academic Studies, RNCM

Dave Bainbridge, CPRC Assistant Director, philosopher, guitarist, PhD Researcher, RNCM

Dr Lois Fitch, musicologist, Assistant Principal, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Dr David Horne, composer, pianist, Deputy Head of the Graduate School, RNCM

Dr Anna Bergqvist, philosopher, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Keith Phillips, music psychologist, guitarist, PhD Researcher, RNCM

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