The RNCM Centre for Practice & Research in Science & Music (PRiSM)

PRiSM is a collaborative, multidisciplinary research environment that brings together artists, scientists and researchers to cultivate connections and support the emergence of new knowledge

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Uniquely positioned within a music conservatoire environment, the centre brings internationally leading artists and researchers together with undergraduate and postgraduate students across many fields, creating opportunities suited to all levels of interest and experience. This dynamic programme has led to international recognition for PRiSM’s work across our four emerging research areas: Music & Maths; Music & Artificial Intelligence (AI); Music & Wellbeing; Music & Environment, as well as our annual Future Music Festival, featured by the BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times and more.

PRiSM is committed to making a real contribution to society, from developing new digital technology and creative practice, to amplifying the voices of thinkers and practitioners of marginalised demographics, and addressing fundamental questions about what it means to be human and creative today.

The founding directors of PRiSM are composer Emily Howard (Professor of Composition, RNCM) and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy (Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford). They are joined by computer scientist David De Roure (Professor of e-Research, University of Oxford and Turing Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute) and composer Sam Salem (PRiSM Senior Lecturer in Composition).

PRiSM is supported by the Research England fund Expanding Excellence in England (E3). Read more about PRiSM here.