PRiSM Scientist in Residence Patrick Sanan

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PRiSM 2021 Scientist in residence Patrick Sanan

Patrick Sanan is a postdoctoral research in the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Group in the Institute of Geophysics at ETH Zurich. He is interested in applied mathematics, scientific software, parallel algorithms, and physical simulation. These interests fit well with cross-disciplinary work, and he has touched on many fields of application and collaboration. These include electroacoustic and computer music while studying at UC San Diego and the University of Manchester, geometry processing and graphics while pursuing a PhD at Caltech, and computational Earth science at USI Lugano and ETH Zurich. Current research interests include computational methods for large parallel simulations of highly-viscous flows, suitable for modelling long-term, large-scale evolution of the Earth and other rocky planets.

The residency program at PRiSM is a unique opportunity for a scientist, with a deep interest in cross-disciplinary and musical work, to collaborate in a structured way with practitioners and researchers in music (and beyond). There is great potential for science and music to work together to create things which express the deep beauty of science and mathematics in a way that words cannot.

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