Joe Martin, BMus Trumpet

Joe Martin

How are you getting on with your studies?

So far this year I’ve done two concerts in the Concert Hall, Brazzmatazz, which was a completely new idea with trumpets, cornets, saxophones, baritones and tenor horns, which was really quite cool. I did an RNCM Brass Band Concert early in the year and I’m doing another one in The Bridgewater Hall soon, which will be really good.

Do you have a genre of music that you prefer?

No, I think the whole point of coming to the RNCM was that you have the option to be really diverse, which as a brass player I have found really good. You have the option to do orchestral, wind band, jazz, pop playing. I did Session Orchestra last year and that was one of the most fun gigs I’ve done here. You have chamber music too – I’m already in a concert this year. I’m starting to get into jazz more this year as well.

What was your background before RNCM?

I played in brass bands back home in North Yorkshire, such as youth bands, and the main thing I played was soprano cornet – playing high and loud! I’ve kept that up here too, but at the same time not too much stuff as I’m studying Trumpet and that’s my primary focus.

I was always interested in performance – I was purely focussed on performing. RNCM was always my first choice – I auditioned and I liked the atmosphere here and in Manchester. There’s basically everything here for you. If you’re a brass player coming here, it’s pretty much the ideal place to go. You have the best tutors there are, the best opportunities you can get, there are great bands and ensembles all over college. Manchester is really good for the local music scene and for a night out.

What have been your highlights so far?

Definitely the Session Orchestra gigs – they were really good fun. That’s a really popular ensemble, every gig is a sell-out so they had to do two nights instead of one as there was that much demand. I was lucky enough to do both. It was a full theatre on both nights. We finished the gig with Uptown Funk, and the audience were on their feet, dancing.

I also did Symphony Orchestra briefly, and that was really quite fun to do. Some of the tutors I’ve had have been pretty phenomenal. This year started off with Allen Vizzutti, who is a very famous trumpet player, and he did a masterclass and a recital. Last year Rex Richardson came in. Marcus Stockhausen comes in frequently.

How would you describe the school of Wind, Brass and Percussion?

It’s very, very, very good. It’s a nice atmosphere to be in. The tutors on the course are all top of their level – they have been there, done that, played every type of gig you could imagine and they’re all very knowledgeable. The school is very well run, and all the people in it are friendly as well. The banter between everyone is great, especially in the Brass department- it gets very funny at times!