Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for RNCM programmes are outlined below, together with payment and refund information.

Fees quoted are for the academic year stated and are subject to annual review and change. The RNCM follows government policy on whether to admit a student as Home or International for fee purposes.

Please note: Initial fee status for RNCM Offer Holders is based on information provided within UCAS Conservatoires applications. Full guidance can be found here, but if you have any queries or think you have been assigned an incorrect status, please email [email protected] and we would be happy to undertake a full fee assessment with you.

Tuition Fees 2023 - 24

The Board of Governors have approved the following tuition fees for the Academic Year 23-24.

Home Fees

BMus* 9,250 9,250 9,250 9,250
BMus (SVSO & SCOND) 9,250 9,250 9,250 9,250
Advanced PGDip 11,700
Adv. PGDip (SVSO & SCOND) 12,300
MMus (2 Year) 11,700 11,300
MMus (2 Year – SVSO & SCOND) 12,300 11,900
MMus (1 Year) 14,500
MMus (1 Year – SVSO & SCOND) 15,200
MPerf (1 Year) 32,100
MPerf (1 Year – SVSO & SCOND) 33,700
MPerf (2 Year) 26,100 25,300
MPerf (2 Year – SVSO & SCOND) 27,500 26,600
PhD 7,600 7,200 7,100 7,000
Hallé/RNCM Advanced Orchestral Strings Programme 5,000
International Artist Diploma 12,100
Associate Student Scheme (1 Term) 4,300
Associate Student Scheme (2 Terms) 8,600
Associate Student Scheme (1 Year) 13,000
Associate Foundation (3 Months) 8,600
Associate Foundation (6 Months) 16,200

International Fees

TUITION FEES 23/24 Year of Course
Programme £ £ £ £
BMus* 25,900 25,100 24,800 24,400
BMus (SVSO & COND) 27,300 26,400 24,800 24,400
Advanced PGDip 25,900
Adv. PGDip (SVSO & COND) 27,300
MMus (2 Year) 25,900 25,100
MMus (2 Year – SVOS & COND) 27,300 26,400
MMus (1 Year) 31,900
MMus (1 Year – SVOS & COND) 33,600
MPerf (1 Year) 33,300
MPerf (1 Year – SVOS & COND) 34,900
MPerf (2 Year) 27,300 26,400
MPerf (2 Year – SVOS & COND) 28,700 27,700
PhD 17,500 17,000 16,700 16,300
Hallé/RNCM Advanced Orchestral Strings Programme
International Artist Diploma 16,900 16,300
Associate Student Scheme (1 Term) 8,700
Associate Student Scheme (2 Terms) 17,400
Associate Student Scheme (1 Year) 25,900
Associate Foundation (3 Months) 9,100
Associate Foundation (6 Months) 16,900

Please note that fees are per annum.
* Includes GRNCM.
Tuition fees for Home undergraduate students are regulated by the Government.
All tuition fees are subject to annual review and change.
SVSO = School of Vocal Studies and Opera
COND = Conducting

Tuition Fees 2022 - 23

Home Tuition Fees

Image of Home Tuition Fees

International Tuition Fees

Image of International Tuition Fees

Important information for international students: If you need a Student Visa to study in the UK, you are required to pay a 25% deposit of your tuition fees for your first year of entry before you can request your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). Please email [email protected] for further information.

How to Pay

There are three ways to pay your tuition fees

By Telephone

T +44 (0) 161 907 5314
Our Student Enquiries Office is open between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

By Post

Cheques, payable to the RNCM, should be sent to:

Student Enquiries Office (Fees)
Royal Northern College of Music
124 Oxford Road
M13 9RD

Please write the student’s name, course and school on the back of the cheque.

Bank Transfer

Please make sure you pay all bank charges. When you make the transfer, please notify Daniel Bennett, Registry Assistant, at [email protected], to inform us of the date and amount of your transaction.

Royal Bank of Scotland
Sort Code: 16-25-14
Account Number: 13365425
IBAN Number: GB 53 RBOS 16251413365425
BIC Number: RBOS GB 2L

If you require further details, please call +44 (0) 161 907 5314 between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Withdrawal and Tuition Fee Refund

Our Tuition Fee Policy applies to all students enrolled on a credit-bearing programme of study at the College.

The purpose of the policy is to explain to students who are considering or have decided to take a leave of absence, withdraw entirely from the course or transfer to another institution how this decision will affect their tuition fees.

The policy provides essential information on tuition fee refunds, which will be implemented in the following circumstances:

  • Student withdrawal from the course
  • Leave of absence, except in cases where a student’s leave of absence ends in the same academic year

Tuition fees will not be refunded in the following instances:

  • The withdrawal of an optional module
  • Leave of absence where a student’s leave of absence ends in the same academic year