Your Offer: Current RNCM Student Applicant Guide

Congratulations on your offer to continue your studies at the RNCM.

Below is important information outlining the next steps required to accept and confirm your place. Please take a moment to read this carefully and don’t hesitate to email [email protected] quoting your UCAS Conservatoires ID if you’re unsure of anything.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back in September!

Your Offer and Associated Conditions

Please check your offer letter carefully and let our Admissions Team know as soon as possible if you think any of the information included, such as course details, are incorrect.

Your offer letter may also include details of any other criteria you are required to meet, and any scholarships you have been awarded.

It’s important to note that unless otherwise specified, scholarships are for your first year of study only, and any continuing awards will only be renewed providing your studentship remains in good standing in terms of attendance, engagement, and commitment to activities within your School of Study and the College.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s essential that you reply to your offer using UCAS Hub by the relevant deadline, where you’ll also find full details of any associated conditions. For a full list of key dates, please see below.

Submit Supporting Documents

Following satisfactory completion of your current RNCM programme, no further evidence will be required.


Sir Charles Grove Hall of Residence
All students starting a new course can choose to live in Sir Charles Groves Hall of Residence and you’re automatically allocated a room if you accept your offer by 1 February (please note that late applicants are not guaranteed an allocation). We’ll be in touch with eligible offer holders in February/March 2024 with more information on how to confirm your booking.

The Hall is situated right next door to the RNCM and is owned and managed by Unite Students. They will contact you in Spring to ask if you’d like to accept your room and to advise on what to do next if you do. If you know in advance that you don’t wish to live onsite – and to ensure that your room is not reserved unnecessarily – please email [email protected].

Private Accommodation
Alternatively, you may wish to rent a flat or share a house privately. Manchester has a huge selection of affordable accommodation within easy distance of the RNCM. You can search for options through Manchester Student Homes (MSH), an agency owned and managed by the city’s universities. MSH landlords commit to a Code of Standards, guaranteeing quality, safe, secure accommodation and good working practices.

Tuition Fees

Important information:

  • Following the UK Government’s announcement in June 2020, all EU Offer Holders are now classed as International students and as such, are eligible for international fees. 
  • Current RNCM students returning for postgraduate courses are entitled to a 10% fee reduction.

By accepting a place at the RNCM, you’re guaranteeing to undertake, and be responsible for, your tuition fees and living costs for the duration of your course. Our fees for 2024/25 can be found here and payment details will be provided with your registration information. (Please note that fees quoted are for the academic year stated and are subject to annual review and change.)

Please refer to your official offer letter for confirmation of your fee status. This is assessed based on the information available at the time of application and, as such, may change throughout the year if further investigation is required. If you feel that you have been assigned an incorrect fee status, please email our Admissions Team at [email protected].

Further information about fees, funding and financial support can be found here on our website, and don’t forget that in addition to your tuition fees, you’ll also need funds for living costs.

Visas for Studying in the UK (International (+EU) Only)

As you are starting a new course at the RNCM, you must demonstrate your right to study in the UK before enrolling.

If you are currently on a Student Visa, you will probably need to apply for a new one before returning to the College.

A visa support package, including information and advice on renewals and application checks and or/sessions with an RNCM advisor (whether inside or outside the UK) will be available for all current student offer holders.

Please contact [email protected] if you require further information.

Certificate of Good Conduct (MPerf Only)

The MPerf programme requires you to participate in the Practical Pedagogy module which involves one-to-one teaching, often with children and/or vulnerable adults. Before starting your studies with us, you need to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct from your local police authority. This must be translated into English and any fees for either the certificate or the translation are your responsibility.

Guidance on how to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct can be found on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. If the country you have lived in is not listed, you should contact the relevant Embassy or High Commission of that country in the UK for advice.

If you don’t provide a Certificate of Good Conduct at registration, it may restrict your learning experience while you’re at the RNCM as you won’t be allowed to work with children or vulnerable adults until you produce the relevant evidence.

Please note that offer holders from Hong Kong should follow a different process. For guidance on this, please email Louise Rogers, our Head of Programme Administration, at [email protected].

Key Dates

January  Attend online and in person Offer Holders’ activities (further information to follow via email)
By 1 February If you have received all of your decisions by 3 January, accept your offer through your UCAS Hub and submit any outstanding supporting documentation (e.g. references and certificates) via [email protected] as soon as possible.
By 10 April  If you have received all of your decisions by 15 March, accept your offer through your UCAS Hub.
March – May If you have accepted your offer by the relevant deadline, you’ll be contacted by Unite Students regarding accommodation in Sir Charles Groves Hall of Residence. If you would prefer to organise private accommodation, please visit Manchester Student Homes.
April – May Postgraduate School of Vocal Studies and Opera offer holders will receive an email about auditions for the RNCM’s December opera production of Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Snow Maiden (usually held in June)
By May  UK students seeking a student loan should apply via Student Finance.
By 5 June If you have received all of your decisions by 15 May, accept your offer through your UCAS Hub.
By 24 July  If you have received all of your decisions by 10 July, accept your offer through your UCAS Hub.
By 31 August  Deadline for meeting all offer conditions.
August – Start of Academic Year You’ll receive notification of your Principal Study Tutor (date varies per instrument)
Summer  Keep an eye out for messages from our Students’ Union about our  Freshers’ activities.
September You’ll receive an email outlining online registration and tuition fee payment.
September You’ll receive your RNCM IT account details via email.
By 10 September If you have received all of your decisions by 1 August, accept your offer through your UCAS Hub.
16 – 20 September Enrolment and Welcome Week (compulsory for all students)
23 September Start of Academic Year

Next Steps

It’s important that you read and understand the information outlined above so that you know what to expect before you start.

For now, the key thing to remember is that if you have received all of your offers by 3 January, you need to accept by 1 February. For offers received after this date, please refer to the deadline listed on your UCAS Conservatories application.