Manchester Camerata

Our Professional Experience Scheme with Manchester Camerata enables students to experience working with a pioneering chamber orchestra, which is redefining what an orchestra can do.

String students have the opportunity to audition with Manchester Camerata musicians, who will select one of each string instrument to join them for rehearsals and performances throughout the year.

Students benefit from being involved with an orchestra which creates inspiring experiences through music, with an innovative approach to the traditional classical music perception. Collaborating with a wide spectrum of artists, the repertoire is varied and provides a significant learning experience.

Successful students will join Manchester Camerata for a number of patches of work, rehearsing and performing as part of the orchestra. Joining the orchestra multiple times enables students to build on what they have learnt in previous patches and provides the experience of what it is like to be a freelance musician, helping them to develop the skills needed to adapt quickly to any environment. Those who are on the scheme will receive feedback throughout, with advice and support from Manchester Camerata players.

Additionally, the scheme offers all students who apply the opportunity to rehearse side-by-side with members of the orchestra. Led by Music Director Gábor Takács-Nagy, this allows students to look at the repertoire the orchestra would typically play throughout its concert season, creating an opportunity for those who were not successful at audition to experience rehearsing closely with a high profile conductor.

As part of the RNCM’s performance programme, senior students may also be involved in a short performance project led by Manchester Camerata principals. This exciting opportunity attempts to replicate a professional schedule, typically involving two days of rehearsals, followed by a public lunchtime concert.

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