Observing Oberon: A Contralto’s View of Oberon’s King

18 March 2015

Postgraduate Rebecca Starling is singing the role of Oberon in the RNCM production of Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream on 19, 23 and 27 March, made possible thanks to the kind permission of the Britten-Pears Foundation. Here, she shares her thoughts on why the role is rarely performed by contraltos, and how her voice type […]

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80 Strings Students take on Schoenberg

10 March 2015

In preparation for the RNCM Strings Festival, Dutch Conductor Henk Guittart is currently working with 80 of our string players on the Arnold Schoenberg piece, Verklärte Nacht. Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night) was originally composed for a string sextet in 1899 but arranged in 1917 for string ensemble. After conducting the piece many times, Schoenberg reworked it again […]

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An Interview with John Wilson about his Piano Spectacular III

15 January 2015

Bassoonist and member of the RNCM Development Team, Linda Begbie, blogs for us this week about her meeting with revered accompanist and RNCM alumni, John Wilson – ahead of the John Wilson Piano Spectacular III event here at the RNCM on Saturday 31 January. I first met John in 2013. I was supporting a talented bassoon […]

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The Role Costume Plays in Performance

11 September 2014

As part of our Sponsor a Costume series, we caught up with 2nd year postgraduate student, Sarah Foubert (pictured, right), who will be performing the role of Hannah in our December production of The Merry Widow. She talks about the role costumes play in bringing a performance together and what she is most looking forward to about the […]

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Bryan Fox – Why I’m Supporting the Your RNCM Campaign

22 August 2014

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Tags: yourRNCM

Bryan Fox has worked at the RNCM in a variety of role since its inception over 40 years ago and currently provides student support through the College’s Counselling Service. Here, he talks about his admiration for the RNCM and explains why he’s investing in its future by supporting the Concert Hall campaign. Why did you […]

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Creating the RNCM Screen Print

9 July 2014

Categories: Your RNCM

Tags: rncm screen print

To mark the exciting transformation of the Concert Hall, we have commissioned designer and alumna, Jane Foster, to create an exclusive screen print commemorating the occasion. We sat down with Jane to chat about her time at the RNCM and her inspiration behind the RNCM screen print.  What are your memories of your time at […]

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Why I’m Supporting Your RNCM – Amy Webber

19 June 2014

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Amy Webber has been the President of the RNCM Student Union since 2012. Here she discusses why the Student Union chose to fundraise to name a seat in the Concert Hall. The Student Union are really excited about the new Concert Hall and we can’t wait to see the finished venue and all the benefits […]

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Meet the Gold Medal Competitors – Group 5

13 June 2014

Today we meet final group in the 2014 RNCM Gold Medal Competition, Delia Stevens, Richard Evans and Alexander Panfilov, who will be performing from 6pm in tomorrow’s competition! We hope you’ll join us (completely FREE of charge) to watch the exciting competition unfold tomorrow, from 10am in the Cosmo Rodewald Hall at the Martin Harris Centre. Visitors may […]

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Meet the Gold Medal Competitors – Group 4

12 June 2014

Today we meet the Group 4 competitors in the 2014 RNCM Gold Medal Competition, Lauren Fielder, Sergio Cote and Kana Ohashi, who will be performing from 4pm on Saturday. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow when we’ll be meeting the final group ahead of competition day on Saturday. Name: Lauren Fielder Age: 28 Nationality: British Study Option: […]

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Meet the Gold Medal Competitors – Group 3

11 June 2014

For the third in this week’s series of blog posts on the 2014 RNCM Gold Medal Competition, we get to know Michael Jackson and Leanne Cody – the competitors in Group 3, who will be performing from 2.15m on the day of the competition. Keep checking back all this week to meet the rest of the competitors, […]

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