Eddi Reader

One LP: Ella and Louis: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (released 1956)

Eddi Reader holding LP - Ella and Louis: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Well it was difficult for me to choose any one single album, I’ve got so many. I’ve got such an eclectic range, but I thought I’ll just stick with the grand dame and grandfather of singing and music: Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

I love that album; it’s my go to album when I want to feel a little bit of spiritual comfort. I think they’re the elder statesmen of music and, although they’re long gone, with what they’ve left behind, they’re such a qualitative work.

The albums that they made – I think it was ’56 and ’58 – were before I was born, but when I saw the cover of the two of them…I just like to think they’re kind of my musical grandparents in some way, you know.

I like going to that [LP] – the way they play together, the way they interact, the harmonies that they do so spontaneously. You can tell nothing is scripted, it’s just pouring out. I think some guy chose all the songs they were gonna do and it was so successful that they did a second one. And I think there is also a triple album out there somewhere. Yeah I love every single note that they perform.